It’s Holiday Time : Slow Down, Kids Around



With Summer holidays upon us it is an exciting time of the year.  As thousands of Australian families prepare for the Summer break, it is also an important time to talk about road safety and keeping our children safe around roadways.

During the Summer months, school zones are not operating but there are many more children out and about in our neighbourhoods.

As ‘The Holidaying Family’ community, we are getting behind Little Blue Dinosaur’s “It’s Holiday Time: Slow Down, Kids Around” campaign.  It launches every December across 42 councils in four States (and counting) and is aimed at educating & protecting child pedestrians during school holiday time.

The 3 main messages we would like to reiterate to our holidaying family community are:

  • slow down if you are driving around your local area as there are many more children out & about;
  • drive slowly if you are in a holiday destination and unfamiliar with the roads and conditions; and
  • always hold your child(s) hand whenever you are near roadways or crossings.


The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation was established by Michelle and David McLaughlin in memory of their four-year-old son Tom, who tragically passed away in a pedestrian road accident while on a Central Coast family vacation in 2014. 

This is a timely message for all road users to be particular vigilant around holiday time. Children have physical, perceptual and cognitive limitations around roads which when coupled with the excitement of being on holiday, increases the risk factors.

We want Australian families to have an amazing Summer break and for the entire family to return home safely ready to start the new year.  Take care.



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