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If you’re like us and plan on hanging around for the upcoming Spring school holidays – we’ve set out below a few things to consider for your STAYcation:

1. Plan Ahead

Just like a regular holiday, you will need to plan ahead for your STAYcation. The more you put into the planning – the better the week will be. Your only limit will be your creativity.  Take the time to sit down with the family and brainstorm some ideas for the week so everyone feels involved.

One tip is to do as many household chores as possible in the week before so you don’t have to be bothered with that during your STAYcation.

2. Set Up A Budget

I know you’re thinking, we have no budget we’re staying home….but if you set a budget slightly higher than your normal week you can relax within those parameters and treat yourselves to a few really nice things – like movies, skating, gelato, dinner out, have a massage, go to laser tag etc. Keep in mind, the benefit of a STAYcation is that you haven’t had to fork out money for plane tickets or accommodation..

3. Mix Up The Routine

Make things a little more fluid at home. Wake whenever, eat whenever, eat dessert for lunch, wear your pyjamas all day etc. Really change things up a little for the week.

4. Choose Your Own Adventure

Let each family member have a say in something they would like to do during the time. It could be as simple as a board game, bike ride, fish & chips in a park or a trip to the City.

5. Be A Tourist In Your Own City

So often we travel to far flung places before we actually get to know our own city and the history of our city. Visit the museums, the galleries, the landmarks, monuments etc.  See your town through the eyes of a visitor.

6. Try Something New Together

When you go on holidays you inevitably end up trying new things, whether it be foods, experiences, forms of transport etc.

Think of something that none of you have done before.  It could be a recipe that you’ve found or an art experience. It could be going out to a tepanyaki restaurant together. Do it all together.

7. Have A Happy Hour & Crank Up The Music

Every night on dusk, have a happy hour.  Everyone gets to be involved. Enjoy a drink, some nice cheese & crackers and just relax. Because everything has a better vibe with music playing…get the kids to create a Staycation playlist.

8. Movie Marathon & Sleep Over

Why not set up the lounge room for a movie night and sleep over all in one. AND I mean the whole family. Load the lounge room with mattresses and comfy pillows. Enjoy the movie and then fall asleep right where you are.  The kids will think this a hoot.

9. Plan Your Meals Ahead

If you can, plan all your meals ahead and have the food at your house before the STAYcation starts.  Nothing can wreck your relaxed, holiday vibe like a trip to the grocery shops…

It will bring its own sense of relaxation to know that you have plenty of food and drinks in the house ready to go.

While you’re ordering make sure you throw in a few treats that you normally wouldn’t have.

10. Leave It On The Table

Set up a few activities on the dining room table that are ‘works in progress’ – then the family can come pass and stop in for a bit and do a bit of the activity whenever they feel like it.  Some ideas for this are a giant jigsaw puzzle, a super crossword or a large colouring in (we’re talking poster size).

You can download giant colouring-in files from around the web (check they are free) – here is one we did and there is another there too – click here or visit  You can print these out at Officeworks for about $6 for A0 and $4 for A1.

In Summary

Being able to unwind, relax and reset in the comfort of your own home can be absolute BLISS!



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