70 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families



It’s nearly here! Summer holidays 2019 will be upon us very shortly. It is often filled with great excitement, a smidge of relief for a break in routine AND just a tincy bit of dread….how are we going to keep them occupied for weeks...

Why not get your kids to put together a Summer Bucket List for the family? A list of things they want to experience, enjoy and achieve by the end of the holidays.  A bucket list helps to narrow in on the things they want to do and it acts as a good reference at the end of the holidays when they can check back and see all the fun things they’ve done.

We have put together 70 really simple ideas for you to ponder and customise for your family.

Here we go:

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Play backyard cricket
  3. Have a night swim
  4. Work on a magic trick
  5. Freeze a popper juice and eat it with a spoon
  6. Perfect a bomb dive into the pool
  7. Collect shells on the beach and store them in a glass jar at home
  8. Watch a sunset at the beach
  9. Take a picnic blanket to some Carols in the park
  10. Slide down a slip-n-slide
  11. Sew some scrunchies
  12. Learn to fish
  13. Go down a water-slide
  14. Play mini golf
  15. Do Random Acts of Kindness for family & friends
  16. Make the ultimate Summer Playlist that the whole family contributes to
  17. Spend an entire day barefoot
  18. Eat too much ice-cream!
  19. Have a movie marathon
  20. Bake some biscuits
  21. Have a picnic lunch
  22. Get into a new book series
  23. Blow bubbles in a public place for everyone to enjoy
  24. Get intrigued about a new topic (tides, photography, lifecycle of a silkworm etc.)
  25. Paint your toenails
  26. Have a dance party
  27. Climb a mountain
  28. Invent a family mocktail
  29. Go on a bike ride
  30. Go camping
  31. Learn some knock knock jokes
  32. Build a cubby indoors under the dining room table
  33. Stargaze
  34. Plant something and enjoy watching it grow
  35. Float in the pool
  36. Have a sausage sizzle at the local park for dinner
  37. Create something (paint a pet rock, make a Christmas tree decoration)
  38. Roll down a hill
  39. Bury your toes in the sand
  40. Have a family board game tournament
  41. Laze in a hammock
  42. Watch fireworks
  43. Try a new food
  44. Build a sandcastle
  45. Play an instrument
  46. Put on a concert for the parents or grandparents
  47. Make your own pizza and give it a name (eg. The Smith’s Supremo Spectacular)
  48. Eat watermelon
  49. Create an obstacle course in your backyard, Ninja Warrior style
  50. Get a fake tattoo
  51. Write your name in the air with a sparkler
  52. Send a postcard to a friend
  53. Keep a Summer journal
  54. Go Ten Pin Bowling
  55. Write and illustrate your own book
  56. Visit the Games Arcade or Escape Room
  57. Make a simple origami animal (check out
  58. Have Pancakes for dinner
  59. Make your own slime
  60. Visit the library
  61. Kick a ball at the park
  62. Go on a photo scavenger hunt (where you have to take photos of a list of things)
  63. Play hide n seek with the whole family
  64. Make the family photos for the year into a mini movie (1 song long)
  65. Learn a new skill (snorkeling, surfing, tree climbing, putting up a tent)
  66. Host a paper plane competition
  67. Enjoy a snow cone
  68. Give your parents a make-over….
  69. Do an over-sized colouring in (click here for printables)
  70. Complete a challenging jigsaw

Check out our free Summer Bucket List Template here.

I love Summer. I love the beach and the long days with sunlight that seems to stretch out til bed time. What I am becoming increasingly aware of, is my little ones growing up… When they were little it seemed liked we would be holidaying together for an eternity but with one mid high school now …..we’re getting to the pointy end.

What would you add for your family?



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