Go West Young (Family) – Road Tripping Brisbane to Moura



This week saw us set off on our annual trip to our friends’ property in Central Queensland. It is without a doubt, a highlight in our year. Our whole family enjoys it for different reasons. The kiddos don’t even mind the 7hr car trip to get there. Where we stop and what we eat along the way – have all become part of the tradition.

We thought we’d share a little of our adventure with you and share the beauty of the outback.

Brisbane to Gayndah

Always done in the early part of the day, it is magical to watch the sunrise. Breakfast is always at Gympie and morning tea at Gayndah.

Gayndah is the oldest town in Queensland, being formally gazetted in 1852. (While Brisbane and Ipswich are older, they are defined as cities, not towns).

Gayndah is famous for their citrus! Mandarins are the main citrus fruit grown in the region with smaller growing areas of oranges, lemons, limes, lemonades and grapefruit. The town is home to the Big Orange where you will also find the town’s mascot, Gay Dan the Orange Man 🙂

Gayndah to Eidsvold

Then it’s on to Eidsvold, the self-proclaimed ‘Beef Capital of the Burnett’ with a thriving cattle industry. This is a great part of the drive with magical scenery. In Eidsvold we stop for a walk around the car and a cold drink.

One of the main attractions in Eidsvold is the new RM Williams Australian Bush Learning Centre which is in a process of expansion and development..

The Centre stands as a lasting tribute to genuine pioneer spirit and the character and courage of the people of the bush. The bush, rural Australia, backbone of this proud land. A place of stark contrasts, unsurpassed beauty, warm welcomes, big hearts, indomitable spirit and tenacious character.

For more information on the RM Williams Centre, opening times & prices, click here.

Eidsvold to Cracow

The last stretch of our journey sees us go through a gold mining town called Cracow.  Which to us, looks like an old bush-rangers hang out. There are empty shop facades and not a lot else….BUT there is the great Cracow Hotel with plenty of free parking 😉

Cracow to Moura

This is our destination to visit dear friends. Moura is a central point for local industries such as farmers, growers, miners and their families. It lies in the heart of the Dawson Valley and set on the banks of the Dawson River.

The recently opened Moura Miners’ Memorial in the centre of town is thoughtfully designed and well worth a visit. The memorial is a credit to the rural community spirit. The Memorial provides a place of reflection for families and others and a chance to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice for ‘doing their jobs’.

Close by is the stunning water tower you can see below. There is certainly plenty to do in and around Moura!

As always, we enjoyed our time out west. Every time we gain a better understanding of life out there including the highs and lows.

Do yourself a favour and plan a trip with the family to see Rural Australia – you won’t regret it (and they could certainly do with the tourist attention and encouragement).

Until next year!


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