5 Handy Hotel Room Hacks



You may have seen on social media over the last week the coat hanger v. blockout curtains hack…this got us thinking about what other hacks can we discover and share with The Holidaying Family community for their future travels??  Here are a few:

1. Coat Hanger v. Blockout Curtains

Ingenious for those pesky curtains that don’t ever quite meet in the middle. Stop the morning sun leaking through with this great idea.

2. Keep The Power On

I only learned this myself last week, but you can use any card to keep the power on – I thought it was only the hotel one with the magic powers 🙂

3. Ironing Board Table

You say ironing board, I say an adjustable height table. As more and more hotels are removing the writing desks from their rooms, the ironing board can double as a very handy table for working or dining.

4. Dirty Laundry

None of us want to think about doing the laundry on holidays, but a good hack is using the plastic ‘dry cleaning’ bag to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean clothes in your luggage.

5. Pillows

If you don’t love the idea of sleeping on the same pillow as countless others before you……why not grab the pillowcase from the spare pillow in the cupboard and double-layer it. One more piece of cotton between you and the pillow has got to help, right?  🙂

There are countless great hacks for all kinds of travel – let us know your favourite hotel hack!


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