Dubai – WOW!


Last night was one of those nights that I will never forget … EVER!!

For 5 hours including sunset we drove around the Arabian Desert exploring endless dunes and experiencing a glimpse of what life would be like thousands of years ago.

I feel like there is so much I want to say about it but I can’t find the words to describe just how incredible, breathtaking and stunning the whole adventure was.

Early on in the trip I took off my shoes and walked on the desert sand barefoot and it was the most soft  and subtle sand I have ever experienced before, nearly powder like.


We spent the first hour driving over dunes in our 4wd and were lucky enough to hear about and see a real life Falcon.  I learnt that they can fly over 300km an hour and take over 6 weeks to train.


Back in the day when the Emirates lived in the desert they trained and used Falcon birds to hunt food for them.  It was quite a process of training and pretty amazing that someone worked this out.


After our Falcon show we went to a desert camp to feast and experience what life would have been like many many years ago.


The food was AH-MAZING.  So much flavour and spice and although I ate enough to feed my entire family I didn’t end up feeling bloated and gross which often happen when I overeat haha.  The freshness and lightness of the food was delicious.


We road on the back of camels, had an Arabian dance performance, I got a henna tattoo, smoked fruity shisha pipes and pretty much had one of the most memorable nights of my life.


I want to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to Platinum Heritage Luxury Tours and Safari for putting on what truly was a luxurious and incredible afternoon and evening that I will never forget!!!  I feel like the luckiest!!!




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