5 Ways To Get The Kids Excited About Your Next Holiday



Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in planning, researching and booking in our holidays and we forget to get the kids involved. AND I know for myself, that sometimes this process  is almost as exciting as when you actually go! So include the kids, build the excitement and they will really feel a part of it.

Here are 5 simple ways to get them involved (and pumped):

1. Travel Brochures

Visit your local travel agent and get some brochures on where you’re heading.  The kids can then flick through them and get a sense of your trip and what they will see. They can even cut pictures out and put together a scrapbook. We did this with a recent trip to New Zealand and the kids loved it.

2. Map It Out

Get your hands on a large map of where you are heading and map it out for the kids to see. This will provide a really good visual aid for them.

You can also go there virtually courtesy of Google Maps. Before you go, get the kids to map it out on Google Maps (street view works particularly well for this) and get a sense of how it will look and feel.

3. Count Down

Who doesn’t love a count down to something exciting?? Print out a large calendar and physically mark off the days until you reached ‘the day’!  You will feel the excitement (and possibly stress levels for the adults) building in your household.

4. Food

Find out a bit about the local produce of the region you will be travelling to. Whether you’re travelling to Paris or Perth, Hobart or Hawaii there will be something that is unique food-wise to that place. Start having a bit of fun with the food before you go. For example, if we were going to Japan, I’d have to eat more Sushi! What a shame 🙂 

5. Watch a Movie or Documentary

If there is a family-friendly movie that is set in your holiday destination then it is fun to sit down and watch that together before you go. For example, if you are visiting New York you may want to watch Home Alone or Stuart Little. If you are visiting New Zealand you can enjoy the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings… If it’s London perhaps Harry Potter or Paddington….you get what I mean.  If you are going snow skiing….perhaps Eddie the Eagle…although that might fill them with too much courage on the slopes 😉

So as you can see there are many simple ways to build up the excitement to your next holiday together as a family.




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