We Loved This Super Cheap Holiday Option


This week we tested out a super cheap holiday option and it was great! 

First a little history. We have a close family of 21 people … 9 adults and their 12 children and we have a tradition of spending some time together holidaying every Christmas. We have tried a lot of options and some were great but the cost just keeps rising.

This year we still wanted to get together but without too much expense and so we planned a Day Camp where all of the families got together during the days for all sorts of activities and we included a backyard campout with everyone in the yard of one of the families.


Since this was a test we only did 1 night sleepover however we could easily have done more and the other idea was simply to do day activities and then have a few cousins sleep at other families houses … rotating around. We toyed with the idea of a boys and girls night but we will have to try that next year.


The cousins love being together and they tend to make their own fun. Some of the things that we did were:

  • a combined colouring-in – see this post about huge colouring posters
  • board games morning
  • swimming in a pool – 1 family had a pool
  • Huge cricket match – parents vs kids
  • Fish and Chips by the beach
  • Camp out – this takes a while to get setup etc which is half the fun
  • Fire-pit – roasting marshmallows around an open fire
  • Watched some sport and a movie
  • Visit to a public lagoon for breaky BBQ and swim


Since this was only really 1.5 days we couldn’t fit much more in but next time we will go longer and throw in some activities like an indoor sports centre, modern art gallery, ten pin bowling, ice skating, karaoke (singstar) etc …. with the accommodation costs removed you can do a lot more activities!

The key to the awesomeness is in having average activities but doing them as a big group together. Why not try a weekend … with family or friends! #daycamprevolution

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