7 Easy Camping Meals



Camping meals don’t have to be fancy, but they don’t have to be boring either! In fact, often when you’re away camping the meal prepping & cooking can become part of the recreation & entertainment.

Being away from your ‘cooking creature comforts’, often challenges you to think outside the box. As with most things, planning & prepping ahead will stand you in good stead while you’re away.  Planning out what you are going to eat is essential (especially if you are not going to be near a grocery store for back up).

We have set out a list of 7 easy meals for when you are camping:

Pasta – this one is a god-send for the first night after you have been busy setting up camp. If you can either cook some spaghetti bolognese before you go ready to reheat or simply stir napoletana sauce through some fresh pasta – it will taste like heaven – trust us 🙂

Tacos – simple but delicious. You an either do them as hard or soft shells or even what we call ‘Mexican Pile Up’ and have them all stacked up on a bed of corn chips.

Loaded Potatoes – these are brilliant and you can use many of the same ingredients as you did for tacos (cheese, sour cream, tomato, lettuce, carrot etc.) We usually add in some bacon & avocado – yum!  Simply wrap the potatoes in alfoil and pop them either on the fire or a low heat on the bbq.

Hot dogs – all you need is frankfurts, bread rolls & sauce – voila! You can jazz it up with onions, cheese, mustard….whatever you like.

Flatbread Pizzas – easy and versatile the flat bread pizza is great. You can create whatever combination you like. Great to use towards the end of the trip when you might have a few things to use up.

BBQ – almost goes without saying, the humble bbq tastes amazing when you’re camping. Throw on the steaks and sausages and add some corn and salads and you’re done.

Loaded Skewers – put a meal on a skewer. Load it with meat & vegies for a delicious and easy to eat dinner.

Other Good Staples

The following are some good fall backs if things aren’t going to plan one day while you’re camping or you’re just totally relaxed and don’t want to cook:

  • Fruit Toast
  • Banana Bread
  • 2 minute noodles
  • Tinned spaghetti or baked beans
  • Shake & Go Pancakes
  • Cup- a-Soups
  • Cereal
  • Yoghurt & Berries (or tinned fruit)

Don’t forget to pack in the tea, coffee and/or hot chocolate! Everything is better when you’re sitting around the camp fire with a hot drink – it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures.




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