50 Ways To Sprinkle A Little Holiday Into Your Every Day



Every time I’m on holidays I think to myself “why don’t I do this back at home” or “I wish I could incorporate a little holiday in to my every day”. YOU CAN!  It’s the art of sprinkling a little bit of holiday vibe into your every day.

Earlier this year, I saw this quote from Seth Godin and it really resonated with me.

We need to infuse our daily lives with holiday treats. Lets face it, holidays are the pinacle of the year BUT the rest of the days don’t have to be too mundane.

Below we have listed out 50 ways to bring that little holiday vibe into your every day:

  1. Take time out to focus on the beauty around you. We allow ourselves to observe more when we’re on holidays. Do this in your every day life. Stop and admire a sunset, a full moon, a flower that has just sprung up in your garden. Notice the patterns the rain makes as it falls down your window.
  2. Complete a crossword. You may not be able to finish it in one sitting, but have it there and take a bit of time out every day to chip away at it.
  3. Put photos and memontos of your holidays around the house. You will be reminded of your good time every time you walk passed them. Our souvenirs and momentos can transport us back to that time in our memories. Re-live it every day.
  4. Carve out time to have an uninterrupted cup of tea or coffee every day.
  5. Go to bed a little earlier so you can enjoy your book and not nod off straight away.
  6. Have a family BBQ at the park once a fortnight. It can be as simple as sausages in bread.
  7. Have the ice-cream! For some reason, going to an ice-cream parlour makes me feel like I’m on holidays.
  8. Make yourself your favourite drink and add a small umbrella to it 🙂
  9. Visit your local market on the weekend and just wander around at your own pace.
  10. Paint yourself some “holiday toenails” with a bright colour so that every time you look down you can smile and pretend you’re walking on a beach somewhere 🙂
  11. Read a magazine.
  12. Watch an episode of your favourite show.
  13. Try a new food. We often do this when we’re travelling but get into a bit of rut when we get home.
  14. Order the biscuit or brownie with your coffee.
  15. Play tourist in your own city.
  16. Burn your favourite candle….something that reminds you of holidays. The power of scent often evokes positive memories.
  17. Breathe deeply and deliberately. Simple but effective for calming and refocusing our days.
  18. Take a long bubble bath.
  19. Go for a long walk.
  20. Play your favourite music while you’re cooking.
  21. Try something new. Whether it is going on a brewery tour or visiting the new jazz club in town – do it. Never stop trying new things.
  22. Stretch. It keeps our muscles strong, flexible and healthy and just feels damn good afterwards.
  23. Colour in.
  24. Say hello to someone new. When you’re travelling you are constantly meeting new people but when we get home we tend to get stuck in to our own routines. By just saying hello to someone new can give us a lift (and them too!)
  25. Create something.
  26. Have a night cap.
  27. Watch your favourite ever movie.
  28. Go for a massage.
  29. Paint.
  30. Go for a bike ride.
  31. Try a new restaurant.
  32. Watch something that makes you laugh.
  33. Stargaze. Look up to our beautiful night sky and let yourself dream a little.
  34. Make a delicious smoothie.
  35. Start a jigsaw puzzle and enjoy chipping away at it.
  36. Swim. It is surprising how immersing yourself in water calms the soul.
  37. Visit an art gallery.
  38. Have a Mexican night with nachos & beer for dinner.
  39. Discover something new. When we’re travelling, our minds seem more open…we want to learn more. Dive into something back home and learn more about a culture or place that interests you.
  40. Cook up a hearty lasagne or spaghetti bolognese and have friends and family around.
  41. Be present. Stop and really allow yourself to take in a moment.
  42. Laze on a chair and feel the sun on your face.
  43. Listen and enjoy the rain falling on your roof.
  44. Drive with your windows down.
  45. Spend time with those who fill your soul and make you laugh.
  46. Make yourself a hot chocolate – yum!
  47. Dive into a freshly made bed with clean linen and for a moment pretend you’re at at boutique hotel.
  48. Linger a bit longer in your favourite shop.
  49. Buy yourself a new book or magazine and just enjoy the new read and newness smell.
  50. Plan your next holiday (even if it’s a few years away) – never stop planning, dreaming and exploring.

    So keep the holiday mood going and never return to every day life!


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