5 Road Trip Car Games



Are you heading away on a road trip shortly? Could you do with a few car games up your sleeve? The below games can get the whole car interacting (except the driver for some of them). The kids can be chatting, thinking, using their imaginations and looking out the window observing things going by.

Set out below are 5 car games you can play.

1. Road Trip Bingo

This is a personal favourite of our family. Before you set out, print out some copies of our Road Trip Bingo for your kids and they can mark them off as they spot them. Dot stickers work really well for this activity as you don’t have to muck about with pens. Of course, the first one to complete the sheet – wins!

2. I Went To The Zoo

This is an A-Z game the whole family can join in on that will test their memory and imagination!  It starts with the first person saying “I went to the Zoo and I saw …..” and the first person names an animal that starts with the letter “A” (for example Alligator).  Then the next person says “I went to the Zoo and I saw an Alligator and a Baboon (something beginning with “B”).  This continues on until you reach Z. By the end it gets quite tricky to remember all the animals in the correct order!!

Other versions of this game are “I own a shop and in my shop I have…..”  or  “I went on a holiday and I packed in my suitcase…”

3. Story Telling 5 Words At A Time

This is heaps of fun and there are a variety of stories that evolve.

You start with the first person saying 5 words to start a story. It then passes on to the next person and the next person – 5 words at a time. The story grows steadily and no one person is in charge of its direction. As you can image, the story has many twists and turns that are funny, adventurous and crazy all at the same time!


4. I’m Thinking Of A Number

One person thinks up a number between 1-100 and the others in the car take it in turns to try and guess the number. The person can only say “higher” or “lower” until the others eventually guess the number!

5. Spotto / Snotto

This would have to be the simplest car game ever but the one our kids like playing the most! They even play it on the short car ride to school each day. Essentially it is, if you see a yellow car you yell out SPOTTO. The kids have however, recently adapted the game to include green cars as well, in which they yell out SNOTTO!  (The only hurdle to this game is the varying shades of yellow. Clarify right from the start whether gold cars will be accepted as yellow.. haha 🙂

We trust the above has given you some inspiration for your next road trip.



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