5 Must Have Items When Travelling With Small Children


Last year I got on a plane to head to Dubai and brought Mr 4 months with me on a 15 hour flight followed by 8 days in a foreign country with crazy time zone changes and then back home on another 15 hour flight.

Having said that hubby and I have taken our 2 older daughters overseas twice before to Cambodia and Thailand when they were 2 and 5 and 3 and 6.  These flights were a maximum of 8 hours so not quite 15 haha.  This will be our first time travelling with a baby but the big sisters stayed behind with the grandparents.

I got my google on to find some of the best products available to make life that little bit easier when flying and travelling with little kids and below are my top product tips:

1: My Little Seat is the ultimate infant high chair for travelling with baby in tow. We got ours from Finlee and Me

Baby Travel High Chair My Little Seat Baby Travel Chair Finlee Me

2: Chillipeeps 3 in 1 Teet which allows a teat or spout to be attached directly to all ready formula cartons or  bottles to feed your baby and standard water bottles to enable you to rehydrate your baby knowing that the bottle is sterile. Seriously how clever is that.

Chillipeeps NEW 3in1 TEAT

3: The Monkey Mat which is a portable, compact and is a stylish mat that is a clean surface you can use everywhere, both inside and outside of the home. We got ours from Finlee and Me

Blue Kids Monkey Mat Portable Kids Mat Finlee MebBlue Kids Monkey Mat Portable Kids Mat Finlee Me


4: Small and Clever Toys for Distraction:  All kids need to be entertained when having to sit for long periods of time.  When you are pushed for space and weight you have to think about clever options when travelling.  Below are a few great options we found via Finlee and Me



The above toys include a balloon ball which is fabulous in that it packs really small and some stacking crayons which are great for drawing plus playing stacking games.

5: Baby Carrier:  If I could only take one item with me when traveling with a small child it would be a baby carrier.  Don’t travel without one SERIOUSLY they are the best things ever.

Below is a pic of me taking a selfie in the aeroplane toilet mirror during a recent solo trip to Melbourne with Mr 4 months as proof that yes you can go to the loo on a plane with a baby if you have them in a carrier lol.  My personal carrier of choice is the Tula Carriers.



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