10 Useful Things To Take To A Holiday Apartment



Do you tend to holiday in apartments?  Every Christmas we get away for a few weeks and stay in an apartment.  We love it!  An apartment provides that little bit more space and functionality as opposed to a hotel room. AND although the apartment is modern and pretty well equipped, over the years we have tweaked what we take to optimise our time there.

Set out below is a list of things that have helped us and you may want to consider them for your next holiday apartment adventure:

1. Sharp Knife

As a generalisation, holiday apartments have lousy knives – and I get it…they are in high use. But sawing away with a blunt knife, trying to prepare meals can ruin anyone’s holiday!  SO packing in one decent knife is essential.

2. Over The Door Hooks

These are fabulous to take with you on holidays, especially with younger children. Put them over one of the doors of the apartment close to the entrance and load them up with bags, hats, goggles, spades, towels etc. We have been taking these away with us on holidays for a few years now and we love them!

3. Coffee Supplies

I know it’s holidays and buying a coffee out is part of the whole experience but it soon adds up! Whether it be your coffee machine from home or a plunger – take it along with you and you will save money. Even if you enjoy half your coffees in and the other half at cafes you will be winning!

4. Mini First Aid Kit

This does not have to be elaborate but just contain the essentials….band-aids, panadol, tweezers etc. Most holidays end up with a few bumps & bruises along the way and it is good to have this with you.

5. Kitchen Pack

I call it the kitchen pack because it is just those few things that make life easier during your stay.  It contains an extra tea towel (you are usually only supplied with one per apartment), chux, dishwasher tablets, baking paper (sometimes the trays can look a bit mucky!) and zip lock bags (for any leftovers).

While you’re packing your kitchen things, throw in some salt, pepper & oil  as well so you don’t have to buy big bottles when you only need a splash or pinch.

6. Torches

We always pack in torches for the kids because often time there isn’t a bed lamp in their room.  If they get up in the middle of the night and go to the toilet they can use their torches.  Often time it can be disorientating for them in a different place and the torch comes in handy.


7. Toasted Sandwich Maker

I know what you’re thinking, this is a bit extreme – but the trusty toasted sandwich maker can whip up easy lunches (or dinners for that matter). Who doesn’t love a toasted ham, cheese & tomato sandwich!

8. Liquid Soap

Forget the little rectangle of soap you are given near the basin, if you are there for more than a night you will want some good soap at the basin (especially with littlies). This is an easy one to pop in your supplies and ensures everyone washes their hands properly 🙂

9. Power Packs

With more and more things to charge these days, power points can be in short supply. Pack in a small power pack to avoid the angst at the other end.


10. Groceries Online

Ok, this isn’t strictly something you take with you to a holiday apartment but something that you can arrange to have delivered to your apartment. Most large grocery retailers offer the online/delivery service and it is the best!  Some will even carry it up to your apartment so that it is there when you arrive! If you haven’t already tried it, give it a go!!

We trust the above not only helps you to relax more but saves you some money & time along the way!

Enjoy your holidays!


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