10 Fun Ideas To Keep Little Air Travellers Happy



Do you have a long flight with the kids just around the corner?  Do you need some activities to keep them occupied and in their seats for HOURS?! Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with 10 fun and low-fuss ideas.

Here we go (in no particular order):

1. Lego

Keep kids busy making their own creations with Lego. (*A great tip is to glue a Lego mat on to the top of a container so you can keep it all together easily when you’re travelling.)

2. Personalised Word Search

Why not make a customised Word Search on the place you are about to explore? You can make your own here very easily at Puzzlemaker. We have attached one we made for our recent trip to the South Island of New Zealand.  So, if you’re heading that way and want to use this one – just click here.

3. Small Presents

I love this one and it works really well. Before you leave, go to a bargain shop and gather some cheap toys to wrap up.  Surprise the kids with these every 2 hours or so to break up the flight. There will be excitement of adding something new into the mix. These could include blind bags, mashems, mini playdoh pots, mini slinky, matchbox cars etc.

4. Painting

Strike fear into the hearts of the flight attendants by announcing that it is ‘painting time’!! Just joking, this painting only requires water for the images to appear. They are fantastic and better still, reusable once they dry. The brand pictured here is Tiger Tribe but you can also get similar ones in department stores (eg. Frozen, Paw Patrol etc.)

5. Books (including Audio)

Books (including audio books) are ideal. You can also pack in some travel brochures of where you are about to explore. Build the excitement by getting the kids to browse through brochures of where you are about to land.

Audio books are also fantastic because they can listen, relax and drift off to sleep….:)

6. Mini Whiteboards

These are great for endless drawing, noughts & crosses or hangman. The options are endless.

7. Magnetic Packs

My kids love these. They can sit and design their own combinations of scenes and outfits and the best bit is,they come in a handy tin, keeping it all together and easy to travel with. You can find these packs at department stores, generally in the stationery section.

8. Cards/UNO

A good game of cards, snap or UNO is a fun way to help pass the time…and small enough to throw in your cabin baggage.

9. Colouring In and Sticker Activities

Colouring-in is a staple on any flight. Try and get some colouring in that they are really into. For example, my son would go crazy for some Paw Patrol colouring at the moment. You can easily find colouring in pages online and print them out at home before you go.

The other fun thing is activities with stickers. These are also easy to find online. We love this one by


10. Snacks

I know the airlines do a good job of keeping you well fed & watered throughout the flight but sometimes kids just want their own snacks. Pack in a few things in a container that you know they like and will keep them happy between meals.

In summary, if you plan ahead and have a few tricks up your sleeve to meter out during the flight, I think you will be all good!! Have fun!


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